1. Loading User Defined Associated Surface

To add a user defined associated surface to the map the user first must have a DEM loaded into a GCD project. Once a DEM has been loaded the user should right click on the Associated Surfaces folder icon from the GCD Project Explorer and select  Add Associated Surface as in the image below:

Clicking on  Add Associated Surface will bring up the Associated Surface Properties form. From here the user should click on the folder icon  to bring up the Import Raster form:

This will bring up the Import Raster form where the user can browse to the desired raster by either clicking the folder icon   and using the file system to select the raster or if the desired raster has already been added to the ArcMap data frame by using the drop-down menu on form. See image below:

Once the Import Raster form has been cleared, by clicking the Import Raster button, the user should select the type of associated surface from the type drop-down menu and specify the name they would like for the raster:

A video tutorial explaining this process is shown below:

GCD - Load User Defined Associated Surface