i. Edit Associated Surface Properties

The properties of an associated surface can be edited with the  Edit Associated Surfaces Properties command. The Edit Associated Surface Properties dialog is accessed by right clicking an associated surface in the GCD Project Explorer to bring up the Associated Surface context menu and then single clicking the command, as in the image below.

This will bring up the Associated Surfaces Properties dialog shown below.

From this dialog a user can:

  • Edit the name property (disabled)
  • Inspect the original source path
  • Inspect the path to the raster within the project folder structure
  • Change the Associated Surface Type through the Type drop-down menu. Changing the type is helpful if a user loaded a user defined associated surface but gave it the wrong type when loading. This will correct that mistake and ensure that the proper symbology associated with the type are displayed each time the Associated Surface is added to the map. Below is a list of associated surface types:
    • 3D Point Quality
    • Point Density
    • Roughness
    • Slope Percent Rise
    • Slope Degrees
    • Interpolation Error
    • Grain Size Statistic
    • [Undefined]