01. Setup & Installation

GCD 6 is an *.ESRIaddin, which are much simpler to install to ArcGIS then PlugIns. The AddIn is actually a small zip file and can be sent via email (unlike an *.msi installer). 

ArcGIS 10.X AddIn

Installation Procedure

The installation procedure for an ArcGIS AddIn is incredibly simple. All you do is double click on the *.ESRIaddin
and the software is installed. Although you can get away with doing this whether or not ArcMap is running or not, we recommend installing the AddIn while ArcMap is closed. 

Noted Issue for Internet Explorer Users

When downloading the .esriAddIn file, some users have experienced an issue with the file extension being automatically changed to .zip when it is saved to their computer. If you extract the zip contents this will not allow the GCD Add-In to install correctly. To fix this issue:
  • Simply change the .zip extension to .esriAddIn before extracting the contents of the file
  • After the file extension has been changed accordingly you can double click the .esriAddIn file to correctly install the GCD Add-In

Uninstall Procedure

To uninstall an AddIn, you simply go to the Customize -> Add In Manager command in ArcMap and uninstall. The video illustrates this:

UpGrade Procedure

To upgrade to a newer version of GCD 6, simply uninstall, then install the new release. This will NOT delete your GCD Roaming AppData.