I. DoD Thresholding


This exercise contrasts the three most common forms of thresholding DoDs: i) Simple minimum level of detection, ii) propagated errors, and iii) probabilistic. We use the GCD Add-In to facilitate the analysis.

Data and Materials for Exercises


http://etalweb.joewheaton.org/etal_workshops/GCD/2015_USU/I_Thresholding.zip  I_Thresholding.zip File of Data for this Exercise. Data from: 

Prerequisite for this Exercise

  • Some ArcGIS experience
  • ArcGIS 10.X w/ Spatial Analyst Extension
  • GCD Add-In

Step by Step

Part 1 - Simple minLoD

Thresholding - Varying MinLoD - Exercise Part 1

Part 2 - Propagated Error

Thresholding - Varying MinLoD - Part 2

Part 3 - Probabilistic 

Thresholding - Varying Probability - Exercise Part 3

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