Q. Running a Change Detection w/ FIS


This exercise is simply about putting together what you've done in M. Deriving Roughness with ToPCATP. Building your own FIS and the data we collected in the flume and do a complete change detection. 

Data and Materials for Exercises


Prerequisite for this Exercise

  • Some ArcGIS experience
  • ArcGIS 10.X w/ Spatial Analyst Extension
  • GCD Add-In

Step by Step

Exercise R: Running a Change Detection with FIS - Bridge Creek


1. Start new ArcMap Document
2. Create New GCD Project - "Lower Owens D" in R
3. Add two DEM Surveys (2010, 2014)
4. Generate Associated Surfaces
  • Slope degrees
  • Point density
    • use Topo_Points.shp
  • Interpolation Error
    • use provided surface or generate it with interpolation error tool
5. Generate 3 Input FIS error surfaces
  • Using CHaMP_TLS_ZError_PD_SLPdeg_IntErr
6. Perform change detection using probabilistic thresholding at 80% confidence

GCD Tutorial - Running Change Detection Bridge Creek